tips for a no stress holiday

Tips For a No Stress Holiday

The holidays are stressful for everyone. Even more so when you have a disability that makes it harder to do things. Remember when you were a child, and everything was magical and the only thing you stressed about was getting that toy you wanted. And the only person you tried…

ease fatigue and pain in the kitchen

5 Techniques to Ease Pain & Fatigue in the Kitchen

Cooking with a physical impairment is difficult to say the least. The pain and fatigue of cooking makes you want to order out everyday but that is expensive. To help everyone with an impairment of any kind out there. Here are 5 techniques to ease pain and fatigue in the…

dia de los muertos

Why You Should Pay Attention to Dia De Los Muertos

Have you ever been going about your life when something amazing comes around and changes your perspective? That’s what happened to me when I finally watched “The Book of Life”. I had heard of Día Del Los Muertos before and thought that the idea behind it was cool, but that…

Halloween Party

Halloween Party Ideas Roundup

Halloween Food Halloween is a great time to host a party.One of the most enjoyable aspects of Halloween is the food. There are hundreds of recipes that have been specifically created for this spooky holiday. Keep the food simple and familiar but with a twist. Rename favorites in the Halloween…

essential oils to ease discomfort

Essential Oils to Ease Discomfort

*This post contains affiliate links. I will make a small amount of money if you purchase through my link but will not cost you any extra.* Aromatherapy makes use of various kinds of essential oils, usually derived from herbs and other plants that when smelled, evoke reactions in the brain….

using diet to fight inflammation

Using Diet to Fight Inflammation

*This post contains affiliate links.* Inflammation is painful and is something that I struggle with almost every day. With my recent weight gain, it has become far more debilitating. Did you know that certain foods can reduce or increase inflammation? I didn’t until just a few months ago. Here is…

natural treatments for pain management

Natural Treatments for Pain Management

*This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through them will not cost you more but will give me a small amount of money.* There are many different natural treatments for pain management outside of medications. They can be practiced along with or instead of standard medical treatments to relieve pain and…

reduce stress in your body

How to Reduce Stress in Your Body

Everybody has stress, some more than others. Some people are more equipped to deal with stress. For those of us that aren’t, this post is for us. There are ways to manage and reduce stress in your body. Mostly if you take care of yourself the way that we are…

spa giveaway

Best Mud Masks for Sensitive Skin

*this post contains affiliate links* I used the same mud mask for 14 years but when I got pregnant with my last child, I suddenly became allergic to it. I loved this mask, it did everything… purified, reduced pores, diminished wrinkles. You could even feel it tightening your skin. Now…

reduce negativity in your life

How to Reduce Negativity In Your Life

I have a confession. I am naturally a very negative person. My parents are fairly negative. Life events have made me more negative. What’s worse is it has affected my kids. I must work hard on being positive. If you are like me, then I have some ways to help…

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