Easy Vacation Planning

Easy Vacation Planning

Easy Vacation Planning?

Have you ever looked up a vacation packing list? There are so many options that it’s just plain overwhelming. I was going to make a vacation packing list for you but there is so many out there that I have decided to just show you a few of the best ones that I have found and why I like them.

Elements of a Good Packing List:

It depends on where you are going, when you are going on vacation, what you are doing on vacation, and how long you will be gone. All these factors will determine what and how much to pack. My Mommy Journey has a good packing list for a family that has the flexibility to write down the days you are packing for with solid packing list with the option to add your own stuff which is good for people that have special equipment.
Eagle Creek has an awesome article that has a packing list but also goes into detail of almost everything you need to consider when traveling.
My suggestion would be to use the packing lists as a guideline to fill out your own list. Every family is unique, there is no way any pre-made list is going to have everything you need already listed. Below are a few travel items that I use. And yes, I do use all of these.

Vacation Planning

I did create a vacation planning workbook. It has pages to help you figure out where you want to go, what you will do on vacation, menu planning, and travel entertainment. Because life is hard and things like vacations should be easy, not stressful. Here’s a peek inside the workbook (don’t worry about the word workbook, it’s helpful!)

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