How to Reduce Negativity In Your Life

reduce negativity in your life

I have a confession. I am naturally a very negative person. My parents are fairly negative. Life events have made me more negative. What’s worse is it has affected my kids. I must work hard on being positive. If you are like me, then I have some ways to help reduce negativity in your life.

  • Recognize negative self-talk and stop it
  • Reduce negative people in your life
  • Finding the Positive in Negativity
  • Surround Yourself with Positivity

Recognizing Negative Self-Talk & Stop It

Self-Limiting Talk

This is when we think “I’m too stupid to figure this out” or “I’m too fat to do anything.” This type of self-talk creates a self-fulfilling prophecy because we assume defeat by telling ourselves that we can’t handle what we are facing. Instead, practice saying something else when these thoughts occur. Say out loud the opposite of the negative thoughts like “I am smart this situation is just a challenge to face, or I have an opportunity to change my eating to become healthy.

Jumping to Conclusions

This occurs when we are in an uncomfortable situation. We begin making interpretations instead of stating facts. We might say “I tried on my skirt and looked disgusting” or “If I go to the gym, people will laugh at me” and “When Beth talked to me, I made a fool of myself”. When we do this, we are assuming the worst instead of looking at the facts. When you feel uncomfortable, just state the facts without assumptions. For example, “I tried on my skirt and it didn’t fit as well as I would like” or “When Beth talked to me, she said some very interesting things.: or if I go to the gym, I will have access to equipment that I can use to better my body.”

Speech Habits

awkward conversation

Speech patterns can be automatic and unnoticeable. First, we have to recognize what we are saying before we can change the patterns. Negative speech habits are usually used to not appear selfish or to try to be funny but it’s just self-degrading and makes the others in the conversation feel awkward. Try talking a moment to think of a positive respond. Sign up to receive the “Reducing Your Negativity Workbook” for free!

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Reduce Negative People in Your Life

There are lots of ways to deal with negative people. Here are 3 of them.

  1. Set Boundaries- You can set limits and distance yourself from the negative person. You can’t control other people and their negative ways, just your own. You can limit the time you spend with them. Try maintaining an emotional detachment from them. It will help to process the conversation without getting as upset.
  2. Avoid Complainers-This one is hard for me because I AM a complainer. I personally have to make a choice to avoid other complainers since it is so easy for me to join them.
  3. Be Aware, But Don’t Over Analyze- Trying to figure out why the negative people said, or did something will drive you crazy. Most of the time, negative people are insecure with themselves and their circumstances and they don’t know how to fix it, so they lash out at everyone.

Finding the Positive in the Negative

This takes time and effort. We must train our minds to think differently. When life is a little less chaotic take a few moments to put the negative situation in perspective. Ask yourself “Is it worth being angry?” “Can you let it go?” “Are you overreacting?”

You can also look at the situation as a problem to find a solution to. That way of thinking helps you look at the situation in different ways.

Surround Yourself in Positivity

There are two main things to help surround yourself in positivism.

  1. Start a gratitude journal – Just thinking of one positive thing in a day will help to change your line of thinking. You will get the gratitude journal and the “Reducing Your Negativity Workbook” when you subscribe above.gratitude journal
    >Once you subscribe you will also get a little more in-depth gratitude journal for free! or you simply use a notebook or your phone. It doesn’t matter. As long as you write something every day.

  2. Positives Quotes- Print positive quotes with calming pictures and hang them all over the house. It will keep your mind more positive subconsciously. I’ve made some for you to print HERE. No need to sign up. I just want you to start a more positive life. Positivism makes life better. Click the picture to immediately download the positive posters.

Remember, only you can change your thoughts. You are responsible for your thoughts and reactions to every situation, good or bad. Feel free to comment your struggles with positive thinking or just message me directly here. I am in the same situation with the negativity.

And as Barbie says, “A positive attitude changes everything.”

I do not own Barbie, the image or anything related to Barbie. All rights belong to Mattel.
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