Best Mud Masks for Sensitive Skin

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I used the same mud mask for 14 years but when I got pregnant with my last child, I suddenly became allergic to it. I loved this mask, it did everything… purified, reduced pores, diminished wrinkles. You could even feel it tightening your skin. Now I am on the hunt for a new mask to keep my vanity intact. Here is the results of my quest to find the best mud masks for sensitive skin.

Here are all the masks I tried and my opinion on them.

New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask -$14.95

This mask smelled so good that it was like actually going to a spa. However, the fragrance was a little bit irritating to my skin. It did feel nice on my skin and it was really soft when it dried. It was easy to remove. No pulling on my skin like Queen St. Helen’s. After I removed the mask, my face felt about the same as before using the mask but I didn’t have an allergic reaction. So that’s a plus.

Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask and Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask – $3.27 each

This mask felt fine when I put it on but when I started taking it off, my skin started to burn and turn red. I even moisturized afterwards but my skin was still painful and red the next day. Similarly, almost the exact same thing happened with the Freeman Charcoal mask, which is odd since they are made out of different things. The charcoal mask hurt when I started taking it off. I guess due to the sugar? Just a guess.

Freeman Anti Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask -$3.98

I wasn’t actually going to try this mask since I tried 2 other Freeman’s masks and I was allergic to both of them but my sister in law insisted. I’m glad I did give it a try! It smelled great, went on nicely, I could feel my skin tightening (I love that!). It was difficult to remove just like Queen St Helen’s but afterwards my skin felt and looked great. This is one of my favorite masks.

Olay Pore Detox Black Charcoal Clay Stick -$9.94

I had high hopes for this since it seemed like a mess free way to apply. It did go on super easy. Olay Clay stick quickly dried like it said it would but taking it off was a nightmare. It left black all over my face. I had to use my astringent excessively to get my face clean. Afterwards, my face looked great but I think it was all the astringent. I guess I will never know.Another thing to consider is that after 2 uses (I let my daughter try it out), 1/3 of the stick was gone!

This is an in store purchase at Walmart so the link is not an affiliate. best mud mask for sensitive skin

Soo’ae New York Sweet Pink Bubble Mask – $2.50

I tried this mask just for fun. I never used a bubble mask before. I wish I didn’t try it. I hated it. First, I had to apply it over my entire face very quickly. It went on smoothly which was great since it started to foam quickly. Once it starts to foam, or oxidase as it said, I had to massage my face fast. Then the real horror began. It started to bubble up and it felt like a million bugs were running all over my face. I couldn’t get the mask off fast enough. My face looked absolutely fabulous afterwards though. Which is unfortunate since I will never use another bubble mask in my life.

Garnier SkinActive Black Peel Off Mask – $5.97

This mask is only for problematic spots on the face like the “T” zone. It has too much fragrance for my taste. The package says it dries in 20 minutes but it took a lot longer than that to fully dry. The mask came off easy and only left a little bit of residue. It felt a lot like a Biore pore strip but less effective. I will say that it took the glitter off my face so that’s pretty cool.

Green Tea Matcha Mud Mask – $15.95

I loved the idea of this mud mask so imagine my disappointment when it didn’t work out. It went on smoothly and didn’t take a lot of product to cover my face. However, it started to burn while it was on my face. I think some of it dried but I’m not sure because after 3 minutes, I had to remove it.

Giveaway Time!

After trying to find the best mud masks for sensitive skin and with my birthday coming up, I thought it would be cool to give you guys a chance to win a home spa package!

best mud mask for sensitive skin

best mud mask for sensitive skin

best mud masks for sensitive skin

best mud masks for sensitive skin

All images excluding the manicure set were taken at home to prove that I have them in my possession. Except I forgot to take the manicure set picture so I used the website image.

This spa package includes the vanilla scented spa basket which has shower Gel, bubble bath, bath salt, body spray, body lotion, and bath bombs, also, I decided to throw in a hair and body towel along with a home mani/pedi set. Furthermore, I will also give away my favorite mud mask which was the Freeman’s Anti Stress mask. Just enter below for a chance to win all of this good stuff!

*Winner will be announced on August 31st through email.

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