tips for a no stress holiday

Tips For a No Stress Holiday

The holidays are stressful for everyone. Even more so when you have a disability that makes it harder to do things. Remember when you were a child, and everything was magical and the only thing you stressed about was getting that toy you wanted. And…

dia de los muertos

Why You Should Pay Attention to Dia De Los Muertos

Have you ever been going about your life when something amazing comes around and changes your perspective? That’s what happened to me when I finally watched “The Book of Life”. I had heard of Día Del Los Muertos before and thought that the idea behind…

Halloween Party

Halloween Party Ideas Roundup

Halloween Food Halloween is a great time to host a party.One of the most enjoyable aspects of Halloween is the food. There are hundreds of recipes that have been specifically created for this spooky holiday. Keep the food simple and familiar but with a twist….

Easy Vacation Planning

Easy Vacation Planning

Easy Vacation Planning? Have you ever looked up a vacation packing list? There are so many options that it’s just plain overwhelming. I was going to make a vacation packing list for you but there is so many out there that I have decided to…

Organize Your Life with Trello

Organizing Your Life with Trello

*This post contains affiliate links* Just about everyone could use an organization app. There is just too much information that has to be remembered plus schedules, plus cleaning, plus projects. It can be a nightmare! Organizing apps, no matter which one you choose, have some…

DIY Tiny Kitchen

Organizational DIYs For Your Tiny Kitchen

Decorating your tiny kitchen with the most functional furniture and appliances is always a good idea especially if you are limited to a tiny space. In order for the area to feel less claustrophobic, opting for multiuse fixtures and furnishing should be your first option….

organized kitchen

Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

Your kitchen is one of the most used areas of the home because it is where you make meals and hang out with friends and family. Because this room is used so much, it makes sense that you keep your kitchen clean and organized. It…

bathroom organized

Keep Your Bathroom Organized: 4 Hacks That Work

Relative to the other areas in a typical home, bathrooms do not take up as much space as the kitchen or the master suite. However, you must admit, that despite its size it can be terribly difficult to keep a bathroom organized. Especially after the…

Uncluttering the bedroom

Uncluttering the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be more than just a place for you to sleep. It is a space to forget about those impending bills or upcoming meetings and get some well-deserved rest. It should be your small sanctuary from all responsibilities and obligations. Unfortunately, it can…

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning – Non-Toxic Ways to Spring Clean

Spring is a time when we clean our homes in depth. We get a great feeling when the clutter and cobwebs are gone. However, many cleaning products are full of chemicals which are often both unnecessary and toxic. If you are looking for a healthy…